Zada Karam

Zada Karam is an anthropologist who specializes in first contact and early cultural interactions and exchanges. Her expertise and knowledge of comparative cultures often allows her to pick up on social cues and non-verbal communication which others miss. She’s driven like her older sister, but instead of closing herself off to people, has a deep desire to understand conflict and to develop strategies that help people avoid it. She feels a more conventional desire to build and maintain relationships, and is deeply empathetic.

She feels obligated, though very willingly, to do the emotional work that her sister abhors. She knows she’s the one who will take care of their parents as they age, and has always helped smooth things over for her sister. Though she is honoured to be offered the opportunity to lead the first contact between Earth and Proxima b/Luxtaterra, she feels anchored to earth and the social bonds that she values more.