Dr. Skylar Adhar

A pioneer in exoplanet exploration, Dr. Skylar Adhar completed his groundbreaking PhD research surrounding the confirmed transmission from Proxima b. Following his studies in Edinburgh he joined the faculties of University of Toronto and the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics in 2028. Riding the wave of the excitement surrounding first alien contact, he dedicated his life to interstellar research through tenure and a professorship endowed by the Perrosk Trust. In 2041 he established the Perrosk Trust Interstellar Lab where he employed both Leila and Joel as research assistants. Like Leila, he struggled to keep a stable home life due to throwing his all into his research.

When trustee Karen Perrosk dies and the family reprioritizes the trust’s spending, Dr. Adhar winds down the lab and moves to a post with the Canadian Space Agency. He announces his retirement from public life in 2061 and returns to Edinburgh, where he discovers that he has cancer. He is hired by the Perrosk Company as a part-time consultant the following year. As translation of the alien communication is completed, he becomes one of the primary leaders of the Saena mission team. He invites Leila, Joel, Zada to Edinburgh as potential candidates for the mission and prepares to lead one of histories most daring ventures.