Nada Karam

Leila and Zada’s mother, Nada Karam, spent many years of her childhood as a refugee fleeing Syria. She came to Canada in 2019 as part of a second large intake of Syrian refugees. She has since prioritized calm and stability in her life.

She met Youssif in University and they bonded over their shared past. They were married soon after graduation and had children early. Nada is an engineer and has steadily worked since graduation. However, she has spent much of her career (after taking parental leave when the girls were born) developing medical instruments for use in remote areas. She sees it as her small way of contributing to peace in the world.  

Nada is the rock of the family, practical but always caring and supportive. She takes leave to support her daughters in Edinburgh. Following Youssif’s stroke, she becomes his primary caregiver — with a lot of help from Zada.