Commander Leila Karam

An astronautical engineer and astrophysicist, Dr. Leila Karam, has spent her career researching new technologies for deep space and exoplanet exploration. Aside from applications in adapting her work for exploration (and commercialization) within our solar system, her focus is on how to get people to other star systems… a pursuit which has waned in popularity in the recent past as interest in the transmissions from Proxima b has diminished.

She is the elder of the Karam sisters, both ambitious and driven to contribute to the advancement of humanity by parents who want to see a world in which no one needs to become a refugee like they were. However, Leila is also not fond of most people. Having seen how human conflict has torn her extended family apart, her desire to contribute is at conflict with her extreme distaste for conflict in society. She’s a bit brusk, no nonsense, practical, goal-oriented and would love to leave Earth behind. She is thrilled to lead the Saena as the first interstellar manned mission both to fulfill her dreams and make a lasting contribution to the people of Earth… while dealing with as few of them as possible.