Welcome to the crew of the Saena.

To prepare for the launch of our ship Saena to Luxtaterra, 4.22 light years away, we have collected all the material you’ll need in this dossier. Meet your crew mates, sign up for the mission briefing, and learn more about the events that have led to this exciting new phase in human existence: an interstellar voyage to meet our celestial neighbors.

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Learn about the Transmissions from Luxtaterra

Key Personnel

Familiarize yourself with your executive crew, both on board the Saena and back on Earth.


Follow the events leading up to and immediately following the launch of the Seana.

Mission Briefing

Join us at 14:55 in Assembly Studio 5 for key information about the Saena Mission.


Listen to the world’s leading experts on space travel and research, SETI, and METI.


Any questions about the upcoming voyage? We’re here to help.

Immerse yourself in the world of transmission.

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