about transmission

transmission is a story, first and foremost. Step into our imagined world.

We know we are no longer alone in the universe when we begin to receive the popular broadcasts of an alien civilization 4.22 light years away on Proxima b, our closest potentially habitable exoplanet. A new space race is ignited as humanity works to decipher the broadcasts and send a delegation on the trip of a few lifetimes.

transmission tells the story of two brilliant sisters: Leila and Zada Karam. First generation Canadians, Leila and Zada were born in Toronto as children of Syrian refugees. Both are selected for their respective expertise to join a mission to meet our celestial neighbours. One decides to go, and one decides to stay.

But we might be getting ahead of ourselves…

transmission has several major components.

The Mission Briefing: Our Live Show

In which Commander Leila Karam (the sister who leaves) briefs her crew before their departure on the the Saena — that’s the name of the ship. The audience is imagined as that crew, all of whom are about to permanently leave earth to begin the journey to meet an extraterrestrial civilization.

Our live show dives into the complexities of interstellar travel and what it means to leave your home forever.

Augmented Reality scenes set in the world of transmission

Nearly 30 scenes distributed through the city show the events leading up to, and following, the launch the interstellar journey. In these, we meet Leila’s family and closest friends and advisors, learn about who they are, and discover how they are coping with Leila’s departure.

Our Podcast Series

Launched in April, we’re release a full 16 episode season of the Transmission Podcast to give the background on the science to back up this whole story and give special insight into the world of transmission.

transmission brings together 6 years of parallel development in dramatic storytelling and immersive media.

Starting with the concept of “Technological Haunting” or the use of immersive media recording techniques to embed site specific performance in the landscape as geolocated experiences of past events, this project is the first use of these techniques, developed by project leader Ian Garrett, to tell a story that builds a world across a large urban area.