“But what is loneliness, really, in a universe where we know we are not alone?”

“How high does a global project to talk to aliens go?”

Arrival meets Pokemon Go in transmission: a distributed performance and podcast series about first contact with alien life.

transmission is is an immersive theatre production that tells the story of two brilliant sisters selected to join a mission to meet our celestial neighbors. Their story is told through a live show at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a podcast, and several site-specific, augmented reality scenes that are linked to specific locations throughout Edinburgh.

about the live show

Commander Leila Karam briefs her crew before their departure on the the Saena — the ship carrying the crew of the first manned interstellar mission. The audience is imagined as that crew, all of whom are about to permanently leave earth to begin the journey to meet an extraterrestrial civilization.

Join us for the Mission Briefing. Dive into the complexities of interstellar travel, and what it means to leave your home forever.

transmission podcast

Launched in April, we’re releasing a full 16 episode podcast season. Listen in to to learn about the science that backs up our story, and gain special insight into the world of transmission.

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transmission features 29 augmented reality scenes, distributed through the city of Edinburgh. Each scene offers a glimpse into the events leading up to and following humanity’s first interstellar journey.