transmission is a distributed performance and podcast series that speculates on the effect of discovering intelligent alien life on earth and two brilliant sisters when we begin to receive the popular broadcasts of another civilization.

transmission brings together 6 years of parallel development in dramatic storytelling and immersive media.

Starting with the concept of “Technological Haunting” or the use of immersive media recording techniques to embed site specific performance in the landscape as geolocated experiences of past events, this project is the first use of these techniques, developed by project leader Ian Garrett, to tell a story that builds a world across a large urban area.

the story

In Transmission, we know we are no longer alone in the universe as we begin to receive the popular broadcasts of an alien civilization 4.25 light years away. A new shared space race is ignited as we work to decipher the broadcasts and send a delegation on the trip of a few lifetimes.

Transmission tells the story of two brilliant sisters, first generation Canadians whose parents are Syrian Refugees who were relocated to Toronto as children, selected to join a mission to be the first to meet our celestial neighbours. But one decides to go, and one decides to stay.

This project asks: what is loneliness in a universe in which we know we aren’t alone? What does it mean to say goodbye to your family to lead humanity into being an interstellar race?

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After years of story and technology development, performance workshops, residencies, coordination with festivals, and partnership development, Transmission will be premiere in Edinburgh in summer of 2017.

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